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My name is Kimberly Fix (Hessler)and I have lived in Fairview since I was 5 years old.

My parents moved us here when my Dad took on a management position at the Treasury Branch. They quickly fell in love with the community and decided to raise myself and two siblings here. Dad and Mom were always very much involved in the community and taught us how important that was. I got my first part time job in town when I was only twelve years old and worked at many of the small businesses in town over the next few years until I finished high school.

All but two of the small businesses I worked at were owned and run by some amazing business women. I learned a lot from all of them and they were highly influential in my life. I learned very good work ethic from all of them. They treated me with respect and trusted me to do just about anything they needed done. I had the pleasure to work for Lorraine Thompson (Fitness on the Go), Sharon Shmyr (Sharon’s Window fashions),and Doreen Sharkey (Hometown Video). I loved working at all of these places and being a part of the hustle and bustle in the community.

After High School I had planned to leave and thought I’d never move back.  I moved to Calgary to take Early Childhood education. However, I was leaving behind my boyfriend at the time. Only a few months later we found out we were going to be parents. We decided to get married at a very young age and embrace being a family.  Don was working for his Dad at Adventure Automotive and had always hoped to someday take it over. We decided with his job and our families close by this was where we would raise our family. We had a son and two daughters and both volunteered countless hours to each activity they were involved in.  When our youngest daughter started school I desperately wanted to get out of the house and be back at work. It just so happened The Flower Hut was looking for someone. I started work for Sherry Watchorn immediately and fell in love with the Floral industry. Sherry was an amazing boss and also became a very good friend to me. She taught me so much. At the end of my first year with Sherry she decided to sell. I was devastated that it couldn’t be me taking it over but also learned quickly how much work running a business like it was.

I went to work at E.E. Oliver school and promised myself that when my kids were grown if Fairview was in need of a Flower shop or had one for sale I would revisit my dream of owning a shop. In my youngest daughters grade twelve year it was brought to my attention several times that our town was in desperate need of a flower shop. Many close friends and family kept asking me what I was waiting for?

With the love, support and advice from our wonderful friends and family I decided very quickly to resign at the school and dive in. We purchased a building and started planning! I immediately signed up to take some refresher floral design courses. There was no looking back or even time to rethink my choice. I was sad to leave the school but also realized I was not getting any younger and my time was now. It has been a huge adjustment but all in all extremely rewarding. There has been a lot of sweat and tears put into my dream. I could not have done it without my family and friends. They are always cheering me on!

Kimberly’s Blooms and Gift Boutique officially opened May 1st, 2018. We had a successful first year and hope to only get better each year. It is most important to me to provide Fairview and the surrounding area with the service of custom floral design.

I think Flowers should be a part of all occasions and everyday life. They can bring so much joy and beauty to our lives. I am still learning each and every day and doing the best I can to figure out what it is that the people in our town wish to have available. The flower business can be tricky as we are dealing with perishable product and it can be hard to gage how busy each week may be.

I’m very fortunate to have several part time/casual staff members who all each bring their own individual talents to my shop! The flowers come from all over the world and arrive at a warehouse in Edmonton and then have to be shipped up here. Of course like everything the costs are always changing and shipping continues to be one of the biggest challenges.  We carry some giftware as well and a lot of it is locally made.

Don and I both did our best to teach our children that it’s not where you live but it is what you make it. With hard work and community support we can keep our little town going! We thank everyone who supports my shop and hope to continue to provide this service! We are loving this new chapter in our lives and it certainly fills our time.

Kimberly Fix
Owner/ Head Floral designer

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